Honor Society Class Ring: Collection, Design, and Quality

Honor Society Class Ring: Collection, Design, and Quality

Introducing the Honor Society® Class Ring

This limited-edition Honor Society® Class Ring is an officially licensed sterling silver member ring. Each ring is individually serial numbered to ensure the ring is authentic and meets our society specifications. Honor Society® rings are minted with precious metals to meet the highest standards of quality for academic jewelry. The Honor Society® member ring design is inspired by “Strength and Honor,” the pillars of our society values. Expertly designed for comfort, it’s perfect for everyday wear.

What Makes an Honor Society® Class Ring Unique? 

Buying a class ring is an investment in your memories. It can also be a solid financial investment. If you select a ring made of precious metal, you will have an heirloom piece of jewelry that won’t lose value. It is equally as important to have a piece of memorabilia on you that showcases your hard work, your achievements, and most importantly, your camaraderie within an organization that is committed to fostering leadership, service, and academic excellence. 

What is the symbolism behind the Honor Society® Class Ring? 

  1. Strength and Honor: The Honor Society motto of “Strength and Honor” uniquely represents the attributes we value as an organization.
  2. Pursue Excellence: Carefully crafted on the inside of each ring, this is the first of our many core values, encouraging our members to strive for excellence in all things. 
  3. Our crest is a burning torch, representing a passion for achievement, surrounded by the branches of knowledge.
  4. The Honor Society logo symbolizes the recognition of your achievements to date, but more importantly, the continued pursuit of future success.
  5. The three precious gems at the top stand for our three tiers of academic honors. 
  6. The branches stretching outside of the Honor Society Logo are extensions of the society’s emphasis on knowledge, inclusion and accomplishment. 
  7. The rings are solely forged in two precious metals: silver and gold.
  8. The Greek letters of Eta, Sigma and Omicron laid over books represent our society’s Greek letters imprinted upon academia. 
  9. 1776 is etched on the outside band of the ring, a testament to the year in which America, and the first honor society was formed. 
  10. Underneath “strength” stands the image of a Greek institution featuring Ionic columns, the pillars of strength in classical Greek architecture. 

How to Obtain an Honor Society® Class Ring

A great way to obtain an exclusive Honor Society® Class Ring is by becoming a Signature Edition member. Included with any Signature Edition membership, members receive a limited-edition Honor Society® Class Ring, an officially licensed sterling silver member ring. That way, you can enjoy all the upgraded perks of Honor Society membership while receiving your ring as a part of the package! 

Should you choose to obtain this ring outside of the Signature Edition membership, you can find and purchase the ring here. With your ring, you will receive a certificate of authenticity, personally signed by the leader of our organization, Mike Moradian, with the serial number of the ring you’ve received listed on it as well. The rings are moving quickly and we would hate for you to miss out on this exclusive opportunity, so be sure to check out the Honor Society® Class Ring on the Honor Society Store today.

Source: HonorSociety.org Feed
Honor Society Class Ring: Collection, Design, and Quality

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