HonorSociety.org Review

Video Above: Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa acknowledging the accomplishments of HonorSociety.org students at an event hosted at UCLA. 

What is HonorSociety.org? According to College Magazine it is one of the “5 Honor Societies You Should Join.” Here is the information about HonorSociety.org from College Magazine:

HonorSociety.org is all about the future. Say good-bye to waiting for mail and any paper trails, this society is the Internet’s biggest fan. When you log in, priceless resources such as career guides, scholarship opportunities and test preparation are immediately one click away. Get your own name up on their site by posting blogs about current events, studying abroad and gaining internship experiences. At HonorSociety.org, you’re always connected through the society’s Facebook page, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Intimidated by their web presence because you don’t have one? Chill. They build your very own online profile to show off to future employers who dare Google you. If you’re one of the braver few in this era of technological detachment, you can shake hands with fellow members and alumni at social events, including the NCHC summit in Chicago, and field trips, including their member trip to D.C. and L.A.

When you’re ready to join the real world, HonorSociety.com has your back. Their job search feature allows members to search over 16 million jobs from part-time (nanny, dog-walker gigs) to career-worthy (investment banking, doctor, lawyer positions). Talk about connections.

HonorSociety.org is truly a unique society that helps members reach their maximum potential. The society has chapters at universities across the nation, from Texas to Minnesota. Physical chapters complement the society’s robust online tools and community. HerCampus, the leading website for college females profiled HonorSociety.org as “The Career-Building Trick You’ve Never Thought Of


Learn More about HonorSociety.org here. 

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