How To Get Into Ohio State University

How To Get Into Ohio State University

What’s the most common college major?


Since 1980, business majors have been the most popular choice for college students. The least common bachelor’s degrees include library science and precision production degrees. Whatever you want to go to school for, Ohio State University is a great choice.

However, the popular university has a competitive admissions program. If you’re going to make it in, you’ll have to be ready to put your best foot forward.

Luckily for you, we’ve created this short guide all about the Ohio State admissions process. What type of freshman class is the college looking to create?  Read on to find out!

A Moderately Selective School

Did you know that Ohio State is a public land-grant research university? The university is continually ranked as one of the best public universities in the country, and it’s considered a public ivy!

The highly sought-after school is well known for its academic medical center. The center includes a cancer hospital and a research center. As an undergraduate student, you’ll be able to enjoy choosing from over 200 different majors.

The school has an ever-popular football team too–the Ohio state buckeyes! Never heard of a buckeye before? The name comes from the Ohio state tree, check out this article to learn more.

What Are The Acceptance Rates?

Since Ohio State is such a popular University, you’ll need a solid academic profile on your application. If you want the admissions committee to consider you above all of the rest, then plan on emphasizing your strengths and passions.

What does the Ohio State University acceptance rate look like? Compared to other universities, you could say that Ohio State has a high admissions rate. However, when you break down the numbers, you’ll find that about 50 out of every 100 students who apply make it into the school.

Your chances of acceptance into Ohio State may be lower or higher depending on your high school experience. Suppose you took classes that intentionally align you with the major of your choice. In that case, it’d be easier for you to have a more robust academic profile for admissions.

Ohio State GPA Requirements

One of the first things that the admission committee will look at is your GPA. What are the Ohio State GPA requirements?

The incoming GPA for first-year Ohio students isn’t public knowledge. However, it’s common for Ohio’s first-year students to have graduated within the top 10% of their class.

Who Gets Into Ohio State University?

What’s Ohio state University looking for? The school wants to choose a freshman class that reflects the university’s core values.

Ohio State wants students who can handle the different kinds of academic rigor that the classroom will present. They need students willing to take a stand and lead when necessary. It’s a university that appreciates strengthening from within.

They’re seeking out a variety of people who can bring different ideas to the table to move the conversation of life forward. They also need students willing to collaborate with others when solving various problems.

Resourceful Applicants

One of the most essential core values is they want students who know how to use their resources. The type of applicants who are willing to use all opportunities to discover what kind of impact they can have in the world. Individuals are ready for a change.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Thinking back over your high school career, do you think you have what it takes to get into Ohio State? Are you willing to work with others, no matter what the task is?

Are you able to handle different responsibilities in a fast-paced environment? Most importantly, do you want to evolve as an individual?

If you’re looking for a university that pushes you to be the best you, then you’ll have to show Ohio State that you’re serious. Your application has to stand out among the crowd.

On your application, make sure that you state your commitment to excellence. Give examples of times where you’ve risen to a challenge.

Building The Ultimate Freshman Class

The truth is that Ohio State receives more applications than they can admit. The admissions committee evaluates every applicant against applicants within the same year’s pool.

What does this mean exactly? The university has gone out of its way to include a comprehensive and holistic process that attracts the best of the best. This allows Ohio State to welcome a diverse incoming class.

The Ohio State Application Evaluation Process

How exactly is the admissions committee going to evaluate your application? The Ohio State website states that they consider every applicant’s academic achievement. However, they don’t just want to know about the grades you got throughout high school.

The university is also interested in any talents, interests, or favorite pastimes you might have. They review every single application that they receive. So don’t hold back when it comes to adding things to your application.

You can expect your application to undergo a holistic review. What does that mean exactly? They’re not going to pick an applicant on any one single criterion.

Instead, they’re going to look at you as an entire individual. Holistic means the school takes all factors into consideration.

All of the requirements are part of their review. You’re a whole person and not just a GPA average.

They want to make sure that they’re adding individuals to the team who will help elevate the first-year class. They need forward thinkers, innovators, and individuals committed to their chosen study.

What Are The Admission Criteria?

If you’ve never heard of a holistic review for an admissions process, then it’ll help to understand the criteria. Ohio State requires students to have successfully completed specific college prep requirements.

Minimum College Prep Requirements

Did you complete at least four units of English while in high school? How about math?

Students have to have at least three units of math before applying. However, it’s recommended to have seven units.

Natural science with significant lab experience requires three units of expertise. Social studies only require two units. However, it’s recommended you take five units.

You also need to take a foreign language. You need two units of the same foreign language.

To stand out among the crowd, we suggest getting five foreign language units. If all five units can be with the same foreign language, that’s even better!

You’ll also need at least one unit of performing arts. It can be a visual or performing art. The university also requires an additional unit in any subjects listed above.

The minimum requirements mean that students have to meet that requirement. However, most students who make it into the school exceed those minimums–hint, hint.

If you want to cement your spot within the school, go above and beyond. If they suggest five units of a subject, take five units if not more. 

You’ll want to show the university that you’re ready for whatever professors throw your way. Exceeding the minimum requirements and taking the recommended prep courses will help your application shine.

Test-Optional Policy For 2022 Applicants

Good news! You don’t have to submit an ACT or SAT score to Ohio state is the pandemic.

The university wanted to remove any admissions hurdles. They understand the difficulty with the testing landscape related to COVID-19.

However, the university recommends that applicants take the SAT and ACT if possible. If you can take the test, you’ll be better off doing so.

The university rightfully believes that standardized test scores provide helpful information. Information such as predictive value about your potential success at the university.

Common Application

As a first-year applicant, you’ll be asked if you plan to submit your test scores on the common application. If you decide to change your mind, you’ll have up until the deadline of your decision plan, which is usually November 1st or February 1st. After the deadline, you can only update your test preference if you’re dealing with a canceled test.

So make sure you know what you want to do before telling the university. If you don’t think you want to submit your test scores, make sure you’re doing it for the right reason.

If you’re nervous about taking the SAT or ACT, you can always brush up on your studying skills. Hire a tutor, join a group study class; there are all sorts of options other than skipping the test altogether.

What About DACA Students?

Were you approved for deferred action for childhood arrivals status? DACA applicants will need to follow the same steps as every other applicant. 

However, you’ll want to take note of a couple of things. For one, you’ll need to apply as an international student.

Transfer Vs. Freshmen

Find out if you need to apply as an international freshman or transfer student. First-year students or individuals who don’t have any college courses after graduating from high school are freshmen.

A transfer student means that you took college courses after high school. If you were involved with dual enrollment credit through high school, this doesn’t affect your freshman status.

Application Fee Waiver

You might be able to get approval for an application fee waiver if you meet the proper criteria. You’ll also need to have your SAT and ACT scores sent directly from the testing agency to the university. You can take part in the test-optional policy just like other applicants.

However, it is always best if you submit your test scores. If you’re unsure of any items on the application checklist, just reach out to the school.

The Ohio State admissions team will be happy to help answer your questions. You can also check out these tips for getting financial aid as a DACA applicant.

Student Financial Aid Opportunities

Are you worried about being able to pay for college? Then you should explore all of your financial aid opportunities.

The Ohio State University website has a direct link to their different financial aid resources. For instance, you can file for FAFSA.

You can also use their net price calculator to precisely determine the cost of attendance. Incoming first-year students should also look into grants and federal work-study programs. You might even qualify for different scholarships if you’re willing to take a look.

For instance, there’s a university-funded merit-based scholarship that you can apply for as a freshman. The university loves offering hundreds of scholarships every year.

The wide variety of scholarship criteria means that many individuals can use them. For instance, there’s a scholarship called the choose Ohio first scholarship program. The financial opportunity helps the school build a more diverse first-year class.

Write A Heartfelt Admissions Essay

When it comes time to write your admissions essay, be sure to speak from your heart. Don’t worry about being impressive. Focus on being genuine.

Instead of talking about a hero or somebody you admire, talk about something you’ve actually experienced. A great example of a sincere message would be some type of obstacle you had to overcome in your life.

What’s a difficulty or hardship you’ve had to overcome? Don’t assume that the level of your difficulty has to be high. It can be something as small as stage fright or even a fear of spiders.

What matters is that you speak about things that are real. When writers write from the heart, they can connect with their audience uniquely.

Be honest with the university about why you’re interested in joining. Talk about the future you envision yourself having after graduating from your school.

Paint a picture of what you’ll be bringing to the team while you’re there. Be honest, and don’t be afraid to use emotions. Passionately written essays are sure to have a significant impact!

Paving The Way Towards A Bright Future 

Now you know how to get into Ohio State University. As you can see, a lot goes into the admissions process.

However, the school’s willingness to evaluate students as a whole is good news for you. Instead of worrying about any one area of your application holding you back, they’ll assess all of the criteria.

Here at Honor Society, we want to be a friendly academic guide as you fill the framework for your future success. Let us help you realize your highest potential. Join a community of like-minded achievers with our membership application today.

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How To Get Into Ohio State University

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