16 Benefits of Being in Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society

16 Benefits of Being in Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society

Do you want an easy place to meet friends and build your professional network? You don’t have to go to tons of random events just to meet people.

Instead, consider joining Alpha Sigma Nu. Then, you can meet other students and professionals with similar values.

Read on to learn more about how the honor society can help you.

1. Demonstrate Commitment to Jesuit Values

Being able to commit to Jesuit values is one of the most significant benefits of joining Alpha Sigma Nu. While you can commit to those values without joining, membership can prove your commitment.

You’ll be able to show people what you believe in and receive support from people with the same beliefs. And since Alpha Sigma Nu membership is lifelong, you can take those values with you into your career.

Making a commitment to your values can be hard if you don’t have some sort of accountability. Fortunately, joining Alpha Sigma Nu can help you enjoy a sense of accountability to your expressing your beliefs.

Perhaps you want to work for a Jesuit company or meet a partner with those values. You can talk about your Alpha Sigma Nu membership and use it to your advantage in those and similar situations.

2. Help Your Community

As part of the honor society for Jesuit students, you will have opportunities to help the community. Engaging in philanthropy can make you feel good and make others feel good.

If you want to interact with others in your community, joining Alpha Sigma Nu is great. You won’t have to worry about finding ways to help people yourself.

Instead, you will be able to work with other members to help the local community. Then, you can help the community in many ways, from fundraising to direct service.

3. Learn Leadership Skills

Alpha Sigma Nu benefits members by helping them develop leadership skills, such as communication and flexibility. Being a leader will help you throughout college but also in your career.

Even if you don’t land a job in a leadership or management position, you can still use those skills. That way, you can work together with people on your team.

And you can share with potential employers how you learned those skills as a student. Not everyone gets to develop certain skills during college, so doing so can set you apart from other candidates.

Once you start a job, you’ll be able to use your leadership skills immediately. Who knows, you may become an excellent employee, and you might earn a promotion from your hard work.

4. Obtain Scholarships and Grants

Whether you still have time left in college or want to attend graduate school, you may qualify for certain scholarships. If you need to use scholarships to pay for school, joining Alpha Sigma Nu is great.

Of course, you can find scholarships open to all college students. However, those scholarships can be more competitive due to the larger pool of applications.

After you join Alpha Sigma Nu, you can access scholarships just for members. Then, you won’t have as much competition, so you may be able to get more funding for your education.

5. Pursue Any Major

Unlike other honor societies, Alpha Sigma Nu requirements don’t specify the degree you have to pursue. Some societies are only open to one or two major fields of study.

However, as long as you attend a Jesuit college or university, you can be eligible to join Alpha Sigma Nu. You’ll need to be in the top 15% of your class, but you have flexibility regarding what you study.

Whether you want to become a teacher, engineer, or doctor, Alpha Sigma Nu membership is within reach. So you don’t have to force yourself to study a field that doesn’t interest you just to join an honor society.

6. Challenge Yourself

As mentioned, you have to be in the top of your class to receive an invitation to join Alpha Sigma Nu. But this can be an excellent motivator if you want to join the honor society for Jesuit students.

You’ll need to start studying well and work on improving your grades from the beginning of college. Then, you’ll have the grades necessary to receive an invitation as a junior or senior.

If you don’t receive an invitation as a junior, you can keep working to improve your grades. When your senior year rolls around, you may have the grades you need to join.

No matter when you join, wanting to can serve as an excellent motivator. The next time you’re deciding between studying and partying, you can think about all of the other benefits that Alpha Sigma Nu can offer.

7. Build Your Network

When you join Alpha Sigma Nu, you’ll have access to a growing network of members. Of course, you will be able to meet fellow members at your college or university.

However, you can also learn about and meet people from all over the world. The organization has an online member directory you can use to start building your network.

You can also find alumni clubs in different cities to meet people outside of college. That way, you don’t have to worry about meeting a ton of people before you graduate.

8. Find Friends

Along with building a professional network, you can make friends with fellow Alpha Sigma Nu members. The people you meet will have similar values regarding academics and their Jesuit beliefs.

Your new friends can help push you to do your best in school and your future career. Even as you go your separate ways, you can stay friends with the people you meet through the honor society.

You never know when you might end up working together or living in the same city. Having those connections can make the transition to work or a move to a new city much less stressful.

Even if you stay in the same town after graduating, making friends can be hard. If you don’t have a ton of chances to make friends outside of Alpha Sigma Nu, joining can help you expand your social circle.

9. Work With a Mentor

Another benefit of meeting people through Alpha Sigma Nu is that you can meet potential mentors. This could include professionals or even graduate students within your field.

A mentor can help answer your questions about your classes, or they can help you plan for your career. You can have regular meetings with them to discuss your issues and get help.

While you can find a mentor outside of Alpha Sigma Nu, they may not share your values. So if you really want to prioritize your faith, it can make sense to meet a mentor within the Jesuit honor society.

10. Meet People in Different Places

Even if you don’t become friends or find a mentor, you can meet people in new places. Perhaps you need to move across the country for a job after graduation.

You can refer to the Alpha Sigma Nu directory and list of alumni clubs to find members in your new city. Then, you will be able to contact them and tell them you’re moving to the area.

Those people can help you find your way around town, and you can feel less alone. Plus, you’ll be able to meet people outside of work, so you can have a diverse group of friends.

If you contact people before you move, you can get a good idea of what neighborhoods are good. That way, you can make sure you choose a safe place to live.

11. Attend Conferences and Events

Another way Alpha Sigma Nu benefits its members is through conferences and other events. You can travel to honor society conferences to meet people in person from tons of different cities.

If traveling isn’t an option, the society occasionally hosts online events that you can join from anywhere. And some Alpha Sigma Nu alumni clubs host their own events.

Between those options, you have plenty of chances to meet people in the organization. Then, you can grow your network and get help with your job search or graduate school search.

12. Get Easy Access to Jobs

When you join an honor society like Alpha Sigma Nu, you can get access to certain jobs. For example, joining the honor society means you can get advanced clearance to work for the federal government.

You may also be able to learn about new job openings from the people you meet at society events. If the people who know of those jobs know you and what you can do, they may tell you about the position.

Then, you can submit your resume and have a good chance of landing the role. Now, that may not always work, but it’s nice to have multiple options when searching for jobs.

As you look for jobs, you’ll be able to go through more resources to find positions. There may not always be a position you want available, but it’s worth checking.

13. Affordable Membership Fee

As a college student, you probably don’t have a ton of extra money. Even if you follow a budget, you need to make sure you don’t waste any of your income.

Fortunately, the cost to join Alpha Sigma Nu is relatively low. For one, you only need to pay the membership fee once when you join because there are no annual membership dues.

Depending on where you attend school, your local chapter may charge separate dues. However, the cost will be worth it for all of the benefits you can receive from joining the honor society.

14. Apply to Graduate School

Some students are able to start their careers right after college. However, if you want to become a doctor or lawyer, you will need to earn an advanced degree.

When you apply to graduate or professional programs, you can include your Alpha Sigma Nu membership on your resume. Having that achievement can show potential schools that you’re a good student.

If the school knows about Alpha Sigma Nu requirements, they can understand you have good grades. And you can showcase specific achievements from your time as a member.

Adding the accomplishment to your application may be what you need to stand out. Then, you might have a better chance of getting into your dream school.

15. Prepare for Your Career

If you decide that graduate school isn’t right for you, Alpha Sigma Nu membership can be great for your career. Of course, you can meet other members who have been in your shoes.

Your network might also include people who can connect you with a potential employer. However, you can also get help from those people when crafting your resume.

Maybe you meet someone who is a recruiter, and they can help you format your resume well. Or you might know someone through the society who works for your dream company.

No matter how it happens, don’t be afraid to contact people in Alpha Sigma Nu. You may just land the perfect job for you.

16. Stand Out When Applying

Perhaps you aren’t able to find jobs through your honor society network. Even if you have to apply on public job boards or through your college career site, include your honor society membership on your resume.

That membership is an accomplishment, especially since not everyone can join. Whether or not the potential employer knows what Alpha Sigma Nu is, they may find the membership impressive.

It can show that you care about your studies and future career. Plus, you may be able to stand out from other applicants with similar extracurricular activities.

For example, maybe you and another candidate had the same part-time job. If that’s all the other person did outside of classes, you can have the upper hand in applying and interviewing.

Is Alpha Sigma Nu Membership for You?

Joining Alpha Sigma Nu can be a fantastic way to meet other Jesuit students. You can demonstrate your commitment to your values, help your community, and push yourself to do better in school.

Whether you’re a freshman working on good grades or a junior waiting on your invitation, you can aim to become a member. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits.

Are you still not convinced you should join Alpha Sigma Nu? Read more about it to learn if it’s right for you.

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16 Benefits of Being in Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society

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