5 Amazing Things About Joining Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society

5 Amazing Things About Joining Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society

Are you are a budding sociologist on your way toward a fulfilling career in one of the helping professions? You probably spend a lot of time thinking about why humans do what they do. Is the cause of their behavior cultural, or inspired by some extrinsic element?

For example, why might a high-achieving student in a sociology program join Alpha Kappa Delta? 

Your research might lead you to look into the many motivating benefits of joining this sociology honor society! As a member of Alpha Kappa Delta, you will find yourself with plenty of opportunities for research and publication. Not only that, but you’ll also make friends with similar goals, take on leadership roles, and gain a leg up when it’s time to apply for jobs. 

Are you interested in learning more about Alpha Kappa Delta? Read on to learn about who can join, how to become a member, and the five awesome benefits of membership! 

What Is Alpha Kappa Delta?

Alpha Kappa Delta is the International Sociology Honor Society. It’s associated with both the Association of College Honor Societies and the American Sociological Association. 

The government of the organization consists exclusively of professional sociologists. That means the mission of the organization is always clear.

That mission statement is right in the society’s name! Alpha Kappa Delta stands for Athropon Katamannthanein Diakonesin. That’s a Greek phrase that translates to “to investigate humanity for the purpose of service.” 

The organization provides students ample opportunities to do just that! Members often go above and beyond the requirements of their major programs.

Sociologists make it their work to research social problems to improve the human condition. Since this pursuit requires resources and support, the organization serves as a network and source of funding for students seeking further scholarship opportunities. 

The organization is non-secret and democratic. This means that any student who meets the requirements is welcome to join.

Members will choose leaders and initiatives through popular vote. This gives all active members an equal voice in organizational activities. 

Alpha Kappa Delta Requirements

If you want to join Alpha Kappa Delta, the first step is to declare either a major or minor in Sociology. You might be able to join if you are majoring in a related program, such as social work or research psychology. To join, your college or university will need to host an active chapter of the organization on your campus. 

Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for membership in Alpha Kappa Delta. They have slightly different requirements for membership. 

Undergraduate Requirements 

To become eligible for membership, students must be in the junior year of their undergraduate sociology program. They should have maintained an average 3.0 GPA or higher in their sociology classes on a 4.0 GPA scale.  All students must have completed at least four courses, or twelve semester hours, of sociology or sociology-related coursework before their initiation. 

Students with a minor in sociology who meet the requirements are also eligible for membership.

Additionally, students must be in the top 35% of their class overall in general scholarship. This includes all general education coursework. If a class rank is not available, students with a minimum overall GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 GPA scale will also be eligible. 

Graduate Requirements

Graduate students must be in a graduate program in sociology at their University in order to become eligible for membership. A graduate student becomes eligible for membership once they have completed one-half of their program of study. This should be equal to at least one semester or two-quarters of study. 

When they join, the student must plan to remain matriculated in a graduate program in sociology at their university. They must have a GPA equivalent to a B in their graduate program. 

Faculty and professional staff are also eligible for membership in the organization. They must either be formally employed as a working sociologist or possess a Ph.D. in sociology at the time of membership. 

Further Requirements for All Members

To join, new members must pay a lifetime membership fee of $50 with no requirement of renewal. Your chapter representative will also ask you to fill out some membership forms. You will become an official member when the executive office receives the form and the payment and adds you to the system. 

In two to four weeks, your chapter representative will receive an official certificate declaring you a member of the organization. Many chapters host an initiation ceremony or other event where you will be formally inducted into your chapter. This varies chapter by chapter but is a common practice among many types of honor societies. 

The Amazing Benefits of Alpha Kappa Delta Membership

Congratulations! You’re now a member of the International Sociology Honor Society and you’re on your way to reaping the many benefits of membership! Here are five of the most compelling reasons why a sociology student might consider joining this one-hundred-year-old organization! 

1. You Can Publish Before You Even Graduate!

It can be hard to stand out as a candidate when you are graduating from a popular major program like sociology. If you’re looking to apply to graduate programs, or even enter the workforce immediately upon graduation, you need a way to stand out. As a member of Alpha Kappa Delta, you may have the opportunity to publish a paper before you even begin to search for jobs or grad schools!

Alpha Kappa Delta publishes a scholarly journal called Sociological Inquiry. As a member, you will receive a free one-year membership. You will also gain access to an opportunity to have work published in the paper.

The organization hosts student paper competitions for both graduate and undergraduate-level member students. Each year, the executive officers choose a first, second, and third-place winner in both categories. Each winner receives a cash prize ranging between $100 and $500 and a free one-year subscription (or one-year extension) to Sociological Inquiry.  

Winners are also given funds to cover travel expenses so they can attend the American Sociological Association conference. Once these, students have the opportunity to network with professionals in the field and build connections that might help them in the future. All students attend the Distinguished Lecture as part of the ASA conference program. 

Even if you are not a winner, you may gain the opportunity to present at the Alpha Kappa Gamma Undergraduate Research Composium. That’s still a valid conference presentation experience that you can add to resumes and CVs. 

2. You Can Join the ASA Honor Roll

The American Sociological Association reserves spots in its Honors Program for the winners of this annual competition. Students may present their papers as part of a roundtable panel at the conference itself. Imagine entering the job or graduate school search with presentation experience at the largest and most prestigious conference in the field! 

As an honor roll member, you will gain access to many opportunities for networking. You’ll be invited to special events that allow you to learn more about job opportunities and graduate study.

Only members of Alpha Kappa Delta are eligible for a spot in the honor roll program. Even if your paper does not place, you can still become a member!

For membership consideration, you will need a glowing recommendation from a faculty member. This honor will be another glowing line on your first resume or CV!

3. They Will Help You With Travel Expenses

Being a student is expensive. If it isn’t the tuition, it’s the textbooks or the rent. Alpha Kappa Delta understands that finances can get in the way of reaching your potential and has programs in place to help. Significantly, they offer a variety of travel stipends to help you get to regional sociological conferences and presentations where you can either network or present your research.

Alpha Kappa Delta offers a variety of travel stipends to help you get to regional sociological conferences. Once there, you can either network or present your research.

The organization offers two travel grants for students. These funds can help get you into the rooms where the most compelling sociological discussions are taking place. 

The first is the Student Member Research Grant. This grant supports students with work accepted to regional conferences or presentations.. The organization will cover expenses related to both travel and registration for individuals or chapters who need assistance. 

You must gain acceptance to these conferences on your own merit. Once accepted, Alpha Kappa Delta will ensure that funding is not an obstacle to gaining invaluable experience. Only members of the honor society are eligible for these funds, making it another compelling reason to join.

The second travel grant available is the Chapter Representative Research Supplement Travel Grant. This makes it possible for a faculty member or advisor to accompany you if you are presenting at a regional sociology conference. 

Furthermore, the organization provides a variety of other grants. This includes grants that can help take programming from Alpha Kappa Delta Online. These include grants for paying induction speakers, conducting research, and presenting workshops at conferences. 

4. They Will Help You Find a Mentor

If you are part of a large sociology program, it can be hard to find one-on-one mentorship if you’re serious about getting ahead in the field. There are far more students than faculty members, after all.

Do you find yourself craving a strong connection with a mentor in the field? Alpha Kappa Delta can help connect you with professionals looking to help.

This is beneficial for students in transition. This might include undergrads looking into graduate programs. It can also include Master’s candidates considering a Ph.D., or students at any level who are about to enter the workforce.

Alpha Kappa Delta may pair an undergraduate student with a graduate student. Likewise, a graduate student might connect with a Ph.D. 

All you need to do is fill out an application. If you complete the program and meet all requirements, you’ll receive a certificate. Your story may even find a home on the organization’s website or social media channels. 

These connections might be the thing that helps you move on to the next level in scholarship or your future career. 

5. Graduate Students Can Network Monthly

Many of the honor society’s programs are for undergrads fresh to the field. Alpha Delta Kappa also offers programming specifically intended to support graduate-level sociologists. One of the most compelling programs is the Graduate Student Lounge.

This is a series of workshops covering practical topics about the field. All topics are immediately relevant to graduate-level students. 

These sessions are open to students across the country and even the world. They take place online, so travel will not be an obstacle for attendance. 

Students can attend as participants, or even gain experience presenting on a given topic. You can include this additional presentation experience can on CVs or resumes. 

Often, however, the hosts of these sessions are noteworthy professionals in the field. You might attend a session on the job market, a session on teaching undergrads, or a session on building a program that meets your specific academic interests. 

Most importantly, you’ll build new connections to other serious-minded graduate-level sociology students. Your network will expand across the country and the world. 

Let Alpha Kappa Delta Give You a Boost

Membership in student honor societies may look good on paper, but a great honor society can do much more than that! Membership in Alpha Kappa Delta can get your work into a paper as early as your junior year! If you are serious about sociology and looking for opportunities to lead and excel, Alpha Kappa Delta will get you where you want to be! 

You can find Alpha Kappa Delta reviews and more on honorsociety.org. You can become part of an even larger network of high-achieving students across the country!  Visit the website today to browse scholarship opportunities and other benefits available only to members. 

Source: HonorSociety.org Feed
5 Amazing Things About Joining Alpha Kappa Delta Honor Society

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